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Great Ideas

I get all these great ideas for blog posts when I’m in the kitchen cooking. Then I come upstairs to the computer and forget them completely. Maybe they just weren’t that great.

I was talking with my wife about a story that has been brewing for a while now. A ghost story. I’ve been watching Ghost Adventures for kicks. So I open up the file for my ghost story and I realize all the stuff I’ve had floating in my head for months has not been written down. None of it! So I spent an hour writing down all these notes, arranging timelines, fixing dates that couldn’t possibly work. There are two novels that intersect at a certain date, so everything that happens before and after in these two stories has to work out logically.

My work in progress novel, the one about language and divorce, is at 78,500 words now. I’m still on track to finish it by Christmas Eve.


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