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How You Title Your Novel

You author-types out there, I’m curious how you approach the naming of your book. I like to choose a title that has double meaning, and both meanings connect with the story.

Virtual Silence is about an oppressive government that almost silences dissent, but not quite. And it is about an activist group that seeks to shut down the government’s means of control, which is the virtual world of the internet.

Fugue in C Minor is about a composer who is trying to write a great song, but struggles because of a brain injury that has caused significant memory loss.

What do you do? Or, as a reader, what does a title say to you?


7 thoughts on “How You Title Your Novel

  1. I do about the same as you, meaning trying to find a title that in some way sums up the story and can be taken in two ways. I like the title, The Dying Art of Conjugation, by the way. šŸ™‚

    • Just a little tongue in cheek here, but if Weed Therapy were about someone trying to stop smoking marijuana by pulling dandelions, then that title would have a double meaning. Still has a good sound to it anyway. I hope you love whatever title you choose.

      • To me, the title should say something about the story in as few words as possible. That said, I don’t object to longer titles. And how I come up with my titles is an indescribable act. At one point, I had about twenty possible titles for Weed Therapy, but Weed Therapy was the first and was always the favorite. I still don’t know what I’m going to do about the title if I re-publish it.

  2. I find it incredibly hard to come up with titles, but I do believe that titles are very important, and that they should be as short or long as needed to convey whatever it is they’re trying to convey. That being said, I’ve always been a bit irked with one-word titles, unless that word is very evocative. If you walk through a YA section in a bookstore, you’ll find that about 60% of the books are titled something like “Ecstasy” or “Serenity” or “Rapture” or something. That just strikes me as lazy titling. Although it also is a very good indication of what the book will be about — YA supernatural romance, probably involving a vampire and definitely a love triangle!

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