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American Sign Language Resource

In the novel I am working on, The Dying Art of Conjugation, one of the characters teaches deaf grade school kids. As I have saved websites that translate English to many other major languages, or the other way, and they have bots that speak the words, it occurred to me to look for a website that translates written English to American Sign. Found it.

My first few years in grade school were at Clinton Kelly Grade School in Portland, which also had a school for deaf students. So I knew a lot of kids who used sign. My dad’s adopted sister was deaf, so she taught him some sign. And then because my third son was born premature and has mild Cerebral Palsy, his mother and I had to learn sign so we could communicate with him. CP limits muscles control, including the tongue, and for whatever reason CP tends to be nastier to boys. He speaks a lot better now, but American Sign helped a lot when he was three to six years old.



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