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The Oppression

Sometimes an idea can drive you, and other times it can drive you away.

When I decided to focus on The Dying Art of Conjugation, I was planning to repaint a few rough spots initially. Once I got started, I noticed some dry rot and had to replace a few boards. But now that I am about 40% of the way through the manuscript, I am finding myself razing the entire building and starting over. The idea of this book, started in 1988, was a great idea. My execution of it when I was young, arrogant and lacking experience, was poor. This is why I say your first novel will probably suck.

Now that I am completely re-writing this book, I feel a sense of relief. Patching 100 miles of pavement is a lot more work than just digging up the road and laying new asphalt.

The book will not be finished by Christmas, or even Valentine’s Day. But now I have a stronger feeling that it will be 100 times better than the original concept I started in 1988. This time it will not suck.


3 thoughts on “The Oppression

  1. I have three works in progress, all started in the 90s. I say WIPs, because they are ideas written into something. but all of them will require a complete rewrites, so can’t call them books …yet. Forge ahead!

  2. This is why I say it’s better to finish something and let it sit for a bit before publishing it. Maybe not 25 years, but for some reasonable amount of time. Then, go back and look at it again. It’s amazing the needed repair work you’ll find. Glad you’re doing this and producing a better tale.

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