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A Bizarre Way to Measure Progress

The first draft of my work in progress novel, The Dying Art of Conjugation, is 46% done. That means I am on page 126 of 275. But as I go through the manuscript, the total number of pages ought to increase as I re-write and replace the original text from years ago. I am expecting this book to end up around 350 pages. So next time I update my progress, it could be page 140 of 285. That’s how this is going to have to go.

In between writing sessions I play free cell. It makes you see that there are a number of ways to try to solve a puzzle. Some of your tries will fail. Some will succeed. None of them will succeed if you surrender. Sometimes you have to go backward before you can go forward. Sometimes you have to bury your ace in order to free up space. Then you can unbury the ace.

So that’s what I’m doing with this book.

May you unbury all the aces and deuces you find buried in a pile of seemingly useless cards. And may all your dreams come true.



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