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The Terrorism of Politics

We create what we think is order against the backdrop of chaos, because we want to believe that our lives have meaning. We want to believe in Legacy.

We create government, whether national or state or local, because we believe that a predetermined, inherently encumbered process will allow our many voices to be heard, and an equitable solution to be forged.

But I believe that any time a group of people come together to form any kind of order, whether it is a government, a corporation, a church, a union or a club; that either you will have compromise that waters down the intended purpose and leads back to chaos, or you will have power concentrated in too few hands, and only those few voices screaming at each other will be heard.

You can only have one or the other: Compromise or Calamity. Our current Congress in the US has chosen the latter over the former. By sound biting each other’s throats, and painting wicked mustaches on each other’s portraits, the political parties have energized the basest aspects of human being. Our politics are not about balancing budgets, caring for the less fortunate, or regulating business in order to provide a level playing field. Our politics are about making the voters as angry as possible at the other side.

I wonder if representative democracy is a failed experiment. I think any form of government has the potential to benefit its people. They just don’t get around to it most of the time.

This isn’t some new tactic or talking point one side or the other has created. Something has always been wrong; in any time, in any country, in any political environment. For someone to suggest that we once lived in a country where everyone did the right thing, where all politicians and preachers led by example, where all businesses made an honest buck by delivering a quality product or service, where all employees worked hard for their companies and then went home and played hard, where all governments had the purist intentions and promoted freedom, where all religions were touching the Hand of God, and where all financial institutions fostered success with all of the people, is ludicrous. 

You cannot create a government, a corporation, a church, a union or a club that satisfies. You will always see corruption, obfuscation, prestidigitation. You will never live in a city of angels.

You can think globally all you want. But you can only act locally. You can imagine a bright future all you want, but you can only choose to do the right thing right now.

There has never been and never will be a golden age of anything.


4 thoughts on “The Terrorism of Politics

  1. If we could eliminate true believers (whether they believe in a god, a policy, an ism, or whatever), we might have a chance. But that’s not possible. Seems to be a basic element of human nature. You have to have a belief in something that is the only right way to believe. And with that comes so much of what is wrong with structures and organizations.

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