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Where I live we get a lot of rain. There are places that get more. But we’re known for it. So recently we haven’t had much rain. Even the foot of snow we had last week didn’t push us much closer to being on target for our “rain year.” However, what it did do was to break up some rocky crags and cause a few landslides. There’s a large one on Interstate 84 near Hood River (go there this summer for great windsurfing). Because of the 2,000 cubic yards of boulders on the road, you have to cross the Columbia River at Cascade Locks (The Bridge of the Gods!) and use Washington Highway 14.

What I really mean is that we put those rocks there. Anything we’re trying to accomplish is like a roadway, and it can be a 70 mile an hour freeway. But we drop rocks on our thoughts and dreams all the time.

Right now I am deconstructing an old novel, my first book, and it’s full of rock dropping opportunities. The other day I cleared one obstacle by changing the names of the college and the city the book begins in. Today I changed the formatting to 5.5 X 8, because 5 X 8 has always bothered me. It’s too narrow. This may sound silly, but it was a huge roadblock for me. It’s fixed now. And I reformatted all 100 chapter headings. Silly again, but it’s done and I’m happier for it.

No I can just write instead of worrying about the appearance or the formatting. Being silly.


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