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A Reconstructive Deconstruction Milestone

I split The Dying Art of Conjugation into three sections so that the task of rewriting it would not seem so daunting. Today it got slightly less daunting, as I finished Act I. Sadly, Act I is not long enough to warrant publishing the story as three books (one way to compose a serial!). But the total manuscript is currently just over 100,000 words. I’m happy with that so far because when I started this project, the original manuscript I decided to deconstruct was 73,000 words, and I deleted 25,000 words at the get-go. It is therefore not surprising that Act I is 48,000 words.

I’m going to set up a stand-in cover as I wait for one of the world’s premier artists to create the image for the final cover, and I will pre-publish Act I on CreateSpace so I can obtain a few proof copies for beta-readers. I’ll do the same when I finish Act II, and then re-integrate the whole book once Act III is completed. Sneaky, I know.



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