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New Phone

So I now work for a cell service provider, and I got a new phone. It takes really good pictures. But since it is Android, Google asks me to setup a media backup, which sounds cool. But when you let a vampire, er, I mean, Google into your home, it’s there to stay. Now my phone wants me to link every public and private aspect of Google +, Facebook, and my pictures on my phone. It wants to devour my privacy. All because I took a couple of photos with my nifty new phone.

I am curious how our definition of privacy has changed in the past ten years. Please comment.


2 thoughts on “New Phone

  1. Nothing is private any more. Every single thing you do in your computer, on your tablet, on your phone, on devices you don’t even realize are connected, is tracked and logged and stored somewhere. Probably in multiple somewheres. I could type your name into the Google search bar and find out things about you that you probably didn’t even know. And, it’s all ridiculously depressing that this is happened the way it has. People care about the NSA “spying” scandal, something that has been going on for decades, but they don’t care that all these companies (that only care about their own bottom line) know EVERYTHING about you.

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