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Goal Setting

I have this job, now, and it saps my energy. But that’s how these things go, so it’s ok. I took my netbook with me and arrived early so I could do some writing yesterday. Maybe I need to do that more often.

But that’s not what this post is about. My new employer hires a lot of young people. Most of my co-workers are under 30 and see call center work as something with endless possibilities. They see the potential of a $500 monthly bonus and imagine how much beer they can buy with that. When I said they would do better to set financial and career goals, and set aside any bonuses they might earn in order to accelerate those goals, most of their eyes glazed. Money buys beer and donuts. What is this goal thing of which you speak?

And then I remembered being 25 and having my life and the whole world in front of me, and yet my eyes were glued to whatever crap was showing on the television, or whatever crap was being sold at the local fast food joint. I wasn’t writing then and I wasn’t doing anything to make my finances or my career better.

And then I remembered this is why I am writing The Dying Art of Conjugation.

So I should get back to work on that.


9 thoughts on “Goal Setting

  1. You know, it’s interesting. We spend our younger years looking at people who are older and thinking they are set and it sure seems easy. Then when we get to that “older” stage, we look back and think about all we could have done to actually make it easier.

      • I should have added this … and wishing when we were younger that we would have listened to those who had been through it before. It’s probably my greatest frustration with my kids is that they seem more than happy to repeat my mistakes rather than listening to what I learned from making those mistakes.

      • Mine is 19 and I’ve pretty much given up hope of that ever happening. He’s not a bad kid, got into a decent public university and still has great potential, but the little decisions he keeps making along the way are just so …

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