Is Literary Horror a Real Classification?

For now I will refer to it as the Oak project. It’s going well. I finished the scary scene. I can’t help adding humor to tension. I probably do that in real life.

The manuscript is up to 14,000 words now, so I’m making good progress on the first draft.

Would you say that some of Robert Louis Stevenson’s work was literary horror? How literary would you say his books were? And man, weren’t they short?



I am working on the next novel. I’ve never made this much progress on a project so quickly. I’m up to 7000 words in the first draft, with lots of notes to work off of the from the outline. I’ve already changed the name of the new project twice, so that means it is taking form on its own, if such a thing can be said to be true.

A trusted friend pointed out that my last book, Fugue in C Minor, has a paranoid feel to it. So I am using some of that groove in this new book, too. I like it.