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Finishing is Just the Beginning

Tomorrow I will have the first act of The Dying Art of Conjugation finished. All I have to write is the ending, and I already know what I want to do with it.

Then comes the weird part. Once the cover is complete with art and titles, it will be ready to publish. And then what?

I have learned about myself that I like to work on many projects simultaneously. I start four or five novels before I finish the first one I started. And so I am going to start a new novel, unrelated to this story. But then come back and write Act II when I have fleshed out the basics of this new story, which, by the way, came directly from a nightmare I had a week ago. It literally freaked me awake, and when I told my wife she said it would make a great story. Don’t all nightmares?

So Act II will happen, just not right away.

Now to write that ending, and see what my amazing artist friend can conjure for the cover art.


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