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Intentional Distraction

I finished writing Act I of The Dying Art of Conjugation yesterday morning as planned. It’s 50,000 words and ready for market after several drafts. I started looking into smaller presses for traditional publication. I’m not sure how well that will work out. What I write is best described as Intelligent, Romantic, Literary Fiction about relationships and intimacy, with just a dab of sci-fi and psych-fi like the bacon atop a Voodoo Donut maple bar.

Millions of people would love reading my books, if they knew to read them. If they knew they existed.

So I planned my next distraction. I had a scary dream the other day and wrote down the basics for future use when I woke up. Today was the future, so I just spent two hours blocking out the plot and characters for that story. It went really well. It may have actually gone too well, because I didn’t expect to have enough material for a full novel. But I do. Normally I let new ideas like this sit for a long time, usually years. But this?

It may not be a distraction.


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