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Beta Readers Agree

My beta readers all said pretty much the same thing about Act I of The Dying Art of Conjugation. They said it didn’t really get started for them until about page 60 or so.

That’s a lot of editing, revising, and cutting. The story is interesting to me because it is based on characters and some action from the first novel I wrote, back in 1989. 

But it is possible that the book is not worth finishing. If three people who do not know each other all say the same thing, then maybe they are right. I have put that project on the shelf, just not the published shelf.

I started a romantic ghost story a couple of months ago, and it is over 20,000 words so far. It has twists and turns, clues and Easter eggs, so to speak, and it allows for a great deal of creative license. I am sticking with that story for now. 


7 thoughts on “Beta Readers Agree

  1. There is definitely merit to taking on board what beta readers say which is what you have done here, although it a shame that you have shelved it. Perhaps with a break and a change of scenery as it were, you will be able to come back to it refreshed and with a new approach? I wish you luck with it all.

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