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How to Keep the Lower-Income Classes Down

Oppressive regimes throughout history, including those contemporary with us, have maintained control over the masses of people in their nations by controlling the content of the news, restricting access to education, weapons, political choice, and the free expression of thought and feeling.

It seems intuitive to those in power that the best way to maintain it is to monopolize it. But doesn’t this strategy always fail? Eventually, all that pent-up anger and resentment fuels an inventive and charismatic rebel’s rise to power, and–good or bad–the old regime is replaced by a new one.

But in the US, and a few other “free” countries, exactly the opposite strategy has been keeping the working classes from seeking more power and independence through revolution for centuries. This strategy is called Freedom of Speech.

What you do is this: You give the working poor all the access they want to social media, public forum, newspaper editorial departments (remember newspapers?), and let them complain about how bad their lives are, or how corrupt the system is, or how unfair it is that a few people are living it up while they are struggling; and they will roll over and give you whatever you want in return. They will go deeply into debt buying goods and services they don’t need. They will incur penalties and fees for poor legal and financial decisions, and make those same choices repeatedly. They will work dead-end jobs until they die of heart attacks or strokes.

And you never have to share power or influence with them.

There is no pent-up anger or resentment. And there will never be a call to action to overthrow a poorly-run, corrupt, or inhumane regime.

This, by the way, is what my novel Virtual Silence is about. It’s available on Amazon and Createspace.com.

Please, buy my books, and go back to what you were doing.



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