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Re-Branding Pros and Cons

I like to think that literary fiction is what literary readers want to read. I have always thought that genre labeling compromises an author’s work.

It’s hard to compromise the integrity of something no one has heard of.

So I am going to re-brand (and alter) my books as I continue working on my next novel, which is getting along nicely, by the way.

I had to buy a new washing machine today. So my slate will soon be on spin cycle.


One thought on “Re-Branding Pros and Cons

  1. I’ve never liked the pigeon holes the genres force into. The best category for Bridgeport was “legal thriller” but I don’t really view it as a thriller. What it really is is legal drama or courtroom drama, but that’s not an option anywhere. And what does literary fiction really say about the book … absolutely nothing. Same with mainstream fiction and contemporary fiction. Blech! When I buy books I never look at the genre, I don’t look for specific genres. And I think they are frequently deceiving. Congrats on the washing machine. Spin away.

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