Being Boring

It turns out that the complaint I have about the press, and by extension, Western culture, focusing 95% of its bandwidth on the 5% right and 5% left extremists, is universal.

So if 90% of the people are tired of hearing news centered only on the 10% that live and think on the fringe, then why do the 90% not put a stop to it?

Because news is entertainment.

Being reasonable is boring.


Tech Day

On days when I am editing a manuscript, I generally can’t get into the right mindset to write.

On days when I buy and setup a new computer, take it back to the store because it doesn’t work, then setup another new computer, and copy all of my important files over from the old computer, and then wipe the old drive so my kid can have the old computer; I don’t have the energy to write.

More on Rebranding

I am re-branding an old project of mine as a Sci-Fi Erotic Romance. So as I start editing and rewriting each section of the book, I have to ask myself: Does this move the plot forward, and is it consistent with the new branding? If not, then it gets removed or radically altered.

Editing and Writing

I have been copy editing for some really talented writers. I love the work. So I have been trying to approach my own writing with the same objective eye as I have the works of others. My newest project, Killing Oak, has been less about trying to be cute or profound, and more about telling a story. It has ghosts, Alzheimer’s, romance and sex. That’s really enough.

So I have been going over yet another of my older projects, trying to see how I can make it better. Turns out it’s chock full of cute and profound, but not as much about telling a story. This one has, as it turns out, nine story lines. So today I did the logical thing. I broke it into nine stories. Edgar Lee Masters did it with Spoon River Anthology, right? Yes, I know those were poems.

This way the main story line won’t be cluttered with eight other plot lines.