Growing the Editing Business

I started an Excel spreadsheet last night to keep track of my editing business. That means it is getting serious.

Also this.



Someone I follow said recently that you need to pen some new hashtags if anyone is going to notice you. I don’t know if that’s true. but it sounds like a fun challenge.

#TalkToTheBuck is a term I just penned. It means to face¬†your fear of success. The buck has antlers and could rip you up. It’s big. It can trample you. But it might just let you scratch its ears. And it might just run away, leaving you in charge.

So #TalkToTheBuck! As long as it’s not a real buck.

The Rain is Back

I work on the telephone, talking with people all over the country. When they learn I am in Oregon, they almost always ask, “Doesn’t it rain there all the time?”

It doesn’t.

In fact, our autumn rain started yesterday, and the local paper said it was the most we’ve had since May. It really wasn’t much yesterday, so that means four months without rain.

I like the gloomy, damp, cool conditions. They justify my tank of coffee in the morning, and inspire my writing. This is my season!

Fiverr Update

I was on Kindle Boards a couple of weeks ago and a guy said he could promote books to 260,000 people, yada yada. He stopped doing it after a while, got sick, I heard. I hope he gets better.

So I looked on Fiverr and saw some other gigs offering to promote books. Five bucks is five bucks. But all five bucks are not created equal. So far, this promotion is not producing results.