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How to Write a Novel

There are probably 23 quintillion books about writing. I have a stack of them on my shelves. You probably do, too. I have begun to wonder if the writing world could use one more.

My idea is to not only explain the modes of writing, but to display them in samples.

I just got an idea for a new story, so I jotted down a few sentences to myself. What if a novelist started with that as a first chapter, and commented on that mode of writing, then wrote the outline for this story as chapter two, with comments. Each stage of the writing process would be a new chapter or section. The final chapter or section would be the finished product and the author’s editorial notes on it.

Would a book like that tempt you to buy it?

Has this been done before?

I would ask a handful of successful independent authors to pen a page about how they successfully marketed their books, too. I wonder if Joe Konrath or Hugh Howey would help with that. I’d ask some authors I know, too!


3 thoughts on “How to Write a Novel

  1. The hole I see if the problem I have with every other book about writing. As far as I’m concerned, there as many different ways to write as there are writers. It is one of the great appeals of writing to me — that there are no rules, that there is no one way to do this thing. Just as an example … the idea of an outline for “the rest of the story” would never work for me. The biggest struggle I have is that when I finally figure out what the rest of the story is I don’t want to write it anymore because I assume that if I could figure it out the reader could to.

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