Guns, Mental Health and Compassion

I do believe in thorough background checks for all types of firearm purchases, but I do not believe this will deter certain people from committing heinous acts.

I believe we need better mental health care facilities, and a significant change in our national attitude toward mental illness. But I do not believe that will curtail random violence.

I believe that people need to feel loved, respected, appreciated, and feel that they are part of something precious and alive.

I think a lot of people feel disconnected, broken, isolated,  and some of those people are going to do extreme things in order to get attention.

Why not reach out to the people around us and show them we really do care?


First Draft Completed

My next novel, Some Survive Death, has a completed first draft. It’s both exciting and disappointing to finish something like this. There’s more work to be done, but most importantly, everything is written down. It worked out to 73,000 words. I like my novels to be around 100,000. That’s unlikely to happen with this one, even after more drafts. But very few of the books I have edited are over 100,000 words.

I’ll start the editing and checking process tomorrow. But I’m excited to be in this place now.

Have a great day!

Your Life is Probably Pretty Good

I don’t believe in the practice of religion, although it does not matter to me if others do. I don’t care about converting anyone to my way of thinking or believing.

I do believe that there is a power of goodness. I don’t judge you if you call that power God. We can get into the nature of this goodness, but that would be mostly pointless because neither of us knows jack about said nature.

What I do know is that sometimes things happen that you ought to smile and be humbled about. You ought to appreciate those good things, and see what you can do to make good things happen to others, too. I don’t care what you call that.

A bunch of good things have happened recently that most people (possibly) would complain or whine about because they would appear to be stressors. But I look at these things as amazing timing.

I don’t believe Einstein plays dice with the world. But I am grateful and humbled that certain things have worked out the way they have.

Be well.