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Throwing Christian Poop

I graduated many decades ago from a Christian university. It was a good school, highly ranked, challenging classes, so on. But one thing the school officials did then, and are doing now, apparently, is to throw poop like angry chimpanzees.

I had several professors back then who were bright, opinionated, but committed to a mission of teaching young people how to think for themselves. Most of those free-thinkers were eventually forced to get jobs elsewhere, though, because something about their philosophy or religion eschewed a tenet of the school’s doctrine. It didn’t matter if they knelt and prayed. They were targeted and pepper-sprayed (only figuratively).

It appears that Christian school is doing it again, only this time the targeted professor is a leading figure in their religion (he’s written books and articles and stuff), and students and staff are standing on his side of the line in the sand. I only met the guy once. His younger sister was a friend of a friend. But I’m impressed with the outcry over this.

What I’m not impressed by is that this sounds so much (figuratively) like another group of jokers in a desert, who scream and yell and throw bombs at people who don’t subscribe to their religion. And when the infidels leave, they scream and yell and throw bombs at people who do subscribe to their religion, but have chosen a different brand of sweetened drink.

Why do religious leaders act like chimpanzees in suits? Why do they throw poop like this? And do they use hand sanitizer?


One thought on “Throwing Christian Poop

  1. There are far too many believers who believe that one of the tenets of their faith is that that faith is the one and only faith that matters. When you believe that, you are excused to do all sorts of unreasonable things in defense of the one true faith. You are superior to all others. It also makes life a much easier place. There is no gray. There is only the black and white world of “I am right, everybody else is wrong.”

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