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Guns, Mental Health and Compassion

I do believe in thorough background checks for all types of firearm purchases, but I do not believe this will deter certain people from committing heinous acts.

I believe we need better mental health care facilities, and a significant change in our national attitude toward mental illness. But I do not believe that will curtail random violence.

I believe that people need to feel loved, respected, appreciated, and feel that they are part of something precious and alive.

I think a lot of people feel disconnected, broken, isolated,  and some of those people are going to do extreme things in order to get attention.

Why not reach out to the people around us and show them we really do care?


5 thoughts on “Guns, Mental Health and Compassion

  1. Sadly, in a world where we are supposed to be feeling more and more connected and a part of the whole big shebang, more and more people are feeling disconnected and alone.

      • This one hit a little close to home for you, didn’t it?

        This is one of those things that leaves me feeling like the divide in our country is unfixable. I don’t expect an automatic consensus on a solution to the problem. But it would be nice to see that there is a consensus that this is actually a problem that needs a solution. Seems we can’t even get a certain group of people to agree to that. It’s just a political football that keeps getting kicked back and forth and there’s no hope of ever scoring a touchdown.

      • I know young people who feel alienated, and their release for their anger is video games, the first person shooter types. I don’t know how those games do anything good for young people.

      • There are a range if issues … Our fascination with violence that desensitized far too many, the lack of real and effective solutions re mental health, the effect technology is having on us, the growth in selfish, self-absorbed parents combined with the growth in parents who coddle too much and kids grow up to be adults who have never experienced anything bad, and the prevalence of guns in our society. To name just a few.

        My older son has spent far too much time with those video games.

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