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Thanks, Mark!

I’m halfway through the final chapter of Wrapt, and up to 57,000 words. It’s kind of weird writing a murder thriller on Halloween.

I expect to finish the first draft tomorrow.

As I was telling my wife this morning, the hardest part now is backing away from the book for a week or two so it isn’t so fresh when I start editing. If you start editing right away, you can easily miss details that should be there but aren’t. You know they should be there, so if it’s too fresh, you might assume the details are there. Weird way to look at it. Also, because I rearranged the structure of the book a few times to set up the right pacing, it’s easy to forget that a section has already passed, or is it coming up soon?

I want the final draft to be over 75,000 words, so there’s a lot of work left to do.

Thanks for reading my posts, Mark!

3 thoughts on “Thanks, Mark!

  1. Hey, somebody’s got to do it, right?

    You’re one of the crew of writers I started following when I started my own publishing journey — the vast majority of them have disappeared from the blogosphere unfortunately. I’m thrilled to see you pop up on my reader again.

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