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I would love to hear from women on this, but men are welcome to chime in.

Do you get tired of damsels in distress? Do you read a book or watch a movie and wonder why the women have to be the victims before a story can wrap up?

If the villain has cornered the heroine, do you want her boyfriend or brother or a super hero to rescue her, or would you love to see her kick ass and get out of her own mess?

One thought on “Damsels

  1. I love strong female characters. I feel that it represents women as they really are, not how we (men) want them to be. And this is not just a response to the “yes, dear” mentality. It’s been proven that men and women think differently. Men tend to be about solving the immediate problem, whereas women are more concerned with the ROOT of the problem. I feel that the movie Wonder Woman was a fantastic example of this (believe it or not). Steve Trevor wanted to stop the killing of innocents. Diana wanted to stop WAR. And she kicked hella ass doing it!

    If you’re looking at writing something where a female lead is kick-ass and doesn’t need saved (maybe has to save the hero?) – I’m all in on that!

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