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Choosing Beta Readers for Your Book

Once you’ve finished writing a first draft of your book–or maybe a second if you’re really self-conscious–it’s important to get some people to read your book, see what you missed, see how it flows, see if it makes sense. Their impression is more important than whether you used their, there and they’re correctly. That’s what editors are for!

You don’t need a ton of beta-readers–maybe four or five people. But choosing who beta-reads your book is extremely important. First, they have to be within your target demographic. What kind of people read the kind of books you write? Also, they have to be enthusiasts of the genre you write in. Not much point in having a romance enthusiast read your sci-fi thriller about a demon-possessed velociraptor. And lastly, if you write anything disturbing, you have to make sure they aren’t offended, and that they don’t judge you to be a freak after reading your book.

Unless you don’t care about being judged a freak.

I recently sent out my serial killer thriller Wrapt to beta-readers. I’ve had one really helpful response so far. But I am looking for two or three more people to read it, because I want to make sure it does what I want it to do. I want it to send chills up a reader’s spine, and I want it to compel readers to keep turning the pages!

I also want them to tell their friends to buy the book!

You can find my Amazon author page, and links to buy my first three books here.

4 thoughts on “Choosing Beta Readers for Your Book

  1. Send it my way, if you think I’m in your target demographic. Would be happy to read and let you know my thoughts. (By the way, when I was in my 20s, I went through a phase where I read a lot of true serial killer books and partake of the fiction version every now and then.)

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