Second Draft

I’ll be done with the Second Draft of Fugue in C Minor tomorrow.

I’m asking 5 people close to me to read the manuscript and give me pointed feedback, but I can’t imagine anyone would have the time to do that until January. I’ll take their criticisms and comments into the Third Draft, fix anything that might be messed up, and then start marketing the book to agents. That’s the hard part. But I have some good ideas about how to pitch it. So, for now, I’m confident I can get some eyes on it.

Happy Holidays!

Writing Assignment (Restaurant)

For those who feel up to the challenge, here is a fun writing assignment. I was just in a spaghetti restaurant, trying to enjoy my meal, but a group of about 12 people at a table 20 feet away were all yelling and having a great time. I couldn’t even hear my wife or daughter tell me how their day went.

So imagine a conversation you might have with the server in that situation, but imagine you are someone else; someone who feels freer to express what they really feel in a public situation. I imagined giving the waitress $100 and asking her to relocate the other party.

What can you come up with in 500 words or so, that would be a pleasure to read?

Complaining About Garbage Food Can Produce Results

Terry Gross interviewed Tom Philpott¬†from Mother Jones Magazine on her show Fresh Air on Natl Public Radio yesterday, and they talked about the meat industry in America. One of the many things they discussed was Pink Slime, and how public outrage over the USDA’s decision to feed this dog food to school kids is shutting down Pink Slime. Apparently, 4 of the 5 factories where this garbage (bits and pieces of meat, gristle, other low quality parts ground up into a paste and treated with ammonia) are being shut down. Let’s get that 5th one shuttered!

This crap may actually be worse than Chicken Yogurt.

Chicken Yogurt

The Huffington Post ran a story a few months back about how chicken nuggets are made from this chicken yogurt garbage. I looked at the label of my favorite brand of chicken hotdogs today. They are made from the same crap. Back to beef hotdogs here. Yes, the Hebrew National hotdogs are much more spendy than the giganto-pack of chicken dogs I used to buy, but they seem to be better quality. Looking at their site, they are also made by a megalithic company.

Sometimes you feel you can’t win.