Writing Assignment (Unwanted Gift)

If you dare, write a story or a scene where your character receives yet another gift from someone close to them, but it’s something your character does not want and cannot use. They have to either spend an inordinate amount of time planning what they will say to the gift giver, and be surprised at the response when they finally address the issue. Or the discussion about the gift with the gift giver goes terribly sideways, in a way that is either amusing or revealing of your character’s, er, character.

Let me know how it turns out!

Writing Assignment (Daughter’s First Date)

So this week’s assignment is about stepping outside yourself. I challenge you to write a short piece in first person, describing your daughter’s first date. But it’s not you. Don’t write what you would do. Ask what the character would do. Is this modern, futuristic, Old West, 1950’s, Middle Ages?

What does the date roll up in; what impression does it make on you? What does it say about the person picking up your daughter?

Writing Assignment (Flat Tire)

Write a scene where your character gets a flat tire driving somewhere important, and the changing of the tire does not go well. Add some kind of surprise. If you’re working on a novel, could you fit this into your manuscript, and would it somehow move the story along or reveal something important about the character?

Let me know how it works out, if you like!

Writing Assignment (Restaurant)

For those who feel up to the challenge, here is a fun writing assignment. I was just in a spaghetti restaurant, trying to enjoy my meal, but a group of about 12 people at a table 20 feet away were all yelling and having a great time. I couldn’t even hear my wife or daughter tell me how their day went.

So imagine a conversation you might have with the server in that situation, but imagine you are someone else; someone who feels freer to express what they really feel in a public situation. I imagined giving the waitress $100 and asking her to relocate the other party.

What can you come up with in 500 words or so, that would be a pleasure to read?