I asked four people close to me to read my First Draft (really it’s the Third Draft, but don’t tell them) of Fugue in C Minor, and their feedback has been fantastic. The Fourth Draft is taking me a lot longer than I anticipated, but it’s clearing some things up nicely. I’m expecting to have the manuscript market-ready by the end of February.

Second Draft

I’ll be done with the Second Draft of Fugue in C Minor tomorrow.

I’m asking 5 people close to me to read the manuscript and give me pointed feedback, but I can’t imagine anyone would have the time to do that until January. I’ll take their criticisms and comments into the Third Draft, fix anything that might be messed up, and then start marketing the book to agents. That’s the hard part. But I have some good ideas about how to pitch it. So, for now, I’m confident I can get some eyes on it.

Happy Holidays!

This Weekend

Fugue in C Minor is at 98,000 words, and the first draft will be finished this Sunday. Stoked about it. Then comes editing, re-writes. I’m having a few close friends read it and answer some questions about it. Then more re-writes based on their feedback.

Tell your friends to buy more books!

But for now, finishing the first draft is very exciting.


Beginning to compose the crescendo for my novel, Fugue in C Minor, currently 68,000 words into it. A lot of things are about to happen in the narrative. The pacing has to be just right. I am really enjoying this novel.


An exceptional child, a curious loss of memory, and a tall thin stalker who claims to have the answers. That’s Fugue in C Minor.

The manuscript is up to 56,000 words now. I’m speeding up in my old age.

Update on Novel

So I went on vacation, spent some time in California, saw my oldest son who’s in the Navy, drove a gazillion miles there and back, and didn’t write a darned thing in my novel until last night. But now it’s at 48,000 words and moving forward again. I’m having fun with layers. Novels are like onions.

Writers’ Quirks

I have read that many athletes have quirky things they do to prepare for a game or meet, from wearing the same pair of socks til they lose, or going through a specific routine. The announcer for our local NBA basketball team has a very specific routine he goes through in the player introductions before a game.

But when you write, if you write (or if you paint or sculpt or make chess pieces), what routine do you go through?

I like to get all of my chores done first, eat my pasta, drink my coffee, have some peace and quiet. And then I get out the Netbook and start writing. My big computer is more comfortable, but I seem to get into writing mode when I get out the old brown Netbook.

What are your quirks?