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New Life

So I have been trying to find ways to get eyeballs and ears directed toward my novel, Virtual Silence. But it’s a difficult thing. Traditional advertising is very expensive, and not really designed for independent authors. I tried putting up an ad on a radio station’s website, but got no bump in sales at all. That would be zero.

So yesterday I was on the Amazon site where my novel is nested. They have resources for authors there, so I looked. You can pay someone to review your book. It’s hundreds of dollars for that service. Not ready to pay someone that kind of money and not even get eyeballs or ears out of it.

So then I read this article: The Key to Traffic: Understanding & Using Keywords Style, By Joel Friedlander. He talks about how to use keywords and link them to searches, so that people will find your site (this blog) when they type in certain keywords. I thought you had to pay for keyword tags, or to make searches see your site. But I will look into that more.